Nursing student pharm help

My nursing school pharmacology notes

Acid base balance notes

I’ve posted my acid/base balance notes, I hope these help you guys!


Ph balance notes


All of my notes are posted!

Please try this link, I hope that it works.

*These notes are from Pharmacology and the Nursing Process – 4th edition by Lilley, Harrington and Snyder.  Copyright 2005– so some things may be outdated.


I don’t use the email account that is associated with the google documents, so I don’t see the “request to share” emails until months later. So I apologize to all of you who sent me this request! Are you just able to send your friend the link to the page? Thanks, and please post a comment if you do need me to acknowledge your request to share and I will log in and do so.

More notes

I’m working on scanning the rest of my notes, which is taking forever because my scanner keeps breaking. Does anyone know a good way for me to post these so they are easy for you guys to download? They are currently saved as individual pdf files.  Please let me know!

Google images

The drug study tables are printable from this link. I will no longer email these, so please use the link!


Having trouble viewing the images?

***** These are now posted on google docs and are printable from there.  I can’t send the files from my phone so it is time consuming for me to send these to everyone. If you can’t get them to work from this link, then leave me a comment here & specifically say you attempted to download them from google & couldn’t, and include what happens when you try.  If you do not specify this, I will not reply to your comment. :)



My nursing notes

These take a long time to scan, so I will only post all my notes if there is enough interest.  Here are my notes on Adrenergic Agents.  See the previous posting for my more complete drug tables.

Pharmacology tables

As promised, here are my old pharmacology tables. I hope this helps you guys!

For an easier to print version, please go to


I will no longer email these– please use the link!


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